Buy Towable Bleachers Manufactured in the USA

Portable Bleacher Systems

Our towable seating solutions allow you to easily add additional event seating in minutes!

"Towable bleachers was the best decision we’ve made for our bleacher rental company. They have saved us so much time and money. We can now setup for an event in 30 minutes with only a few crew members and lower our prices to be more competitive."
"Our company has fabricated hundreds of custom systems and these mobile/towable bleachers are one of the best designed products we have ever worked on. We are proud to be a part of this product"

Experience Simple Seating Solutions with Towable Bleachers

Watch this to see our towable bleachers in action!

Easy Maintenance/Care

Simple maintenance requirements to ensure longest and best use of system over time. All replacement parts are easy to procure.

Easy set-up

No crew required, one person can setup in minutes

Highway Safe

Safe to tow at posted/proper speeds


Sealed Drawings verifying compliance to safety codes

Save money - Multiple Uses

Simply relocate the towable bleachers where you need them when you need them.

Our Company Was Founded on Simplicity

Our founder started out in the industry 20 years ago and in that time has set up hundreds if not thousands of bleacher projects. This concept came from the idea that making the delivery and set up of bleachers easy and more cost effective would be better for not only the business but the clients.  Our mobile/towable bleachers have been designed so anyone can deliver and operate the system in a limited amount of time with no additional labor.  These systems are perfect for schools, counties or other organizations who need the flexibility to have seating at multiple fields without the expense of multiple bleachers.  These systems are also perfect for rental companies looking to expand their product line. 

Our goal is to offer the safest and most durable towable bleacher at a competitive rate!

Towable Bleachers for Sale

3 Row Foldable Bleachers

3 Row Portable Bleachers

These 3 Row bleachers seat up to 15 people comfortably. They are extremely light weight. The best part is since they are on large rubber casters you can easily move them as needed. Very simple and fast set up. Multiple units can be configure to make an area come together in minutes.

10 Row Portable Bleachers

These amazing bleachers set up in minutes! Fully Compliant with “No Climb” back safety fence and all aluminum picket design including an inline side fence.   

10 Row Towable Bleachers

Custom Fabrication/Design

Need a custom or unique system built to order with your design specs? Let us know what you need and we may be able to fabricate them for you.

We're Here To Help

Send us your questions, quote requests, or custom designs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

FAQs about Towable Bleachers

With proper maintanance and services our bleachers have been designed to last for up to 20 years

Our 30′ long x 10row towable bleacher is 8,950 lbs in driving position

Our mobile/towable bleachers can be safely towed at posted speeds

Our 30′ long x 10row units can be pulled with most 2500, 3500 size pick up trucks

Can’t find the question you were looking for?
Just reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Can’t find the question you were looking for?
Just reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP!